Obstructions Round 3

Since our intrepid writer has so easily risen to the challenge of the previous obstructions, I decided to try kicking it up. There are only two obstructions for this round but they're intentionally challenging.

#1 Rewrite the story in the style of hysterical realism. Look to writers like David Foster Wallace for inspiration. I anticipate the word count will be about double the original. Think about the provenance of the fruit that goes in the pot, the manufacturing process for the car, the story of how the breed of dog came to be popularised. Use footnotes. Use parentheses. Use whatever you need so long as it’s hysterical.

#2 Include the characters’ ethnicity and culture. Where were they born? Where were their great-grandparents born? What effect does their cultural inheritance have on their everyday lives?

So why have I set these two obstructions? The first is to encourage Rebecca to experiment with voice and content. One of the successful elements of the initial story was its restraint but I thought it may be fun (and potentially revealing) to push herself into detailed, baroque, ornate, overblown prose and see how it feels.

The second is to encourage her to consider the nature of influence and the ways in which we draw characters. In the initial story there are elements of the characters’ ethnicity that the reader would be able to surmise but do we know whether they are anglo-Australian? Are they from Christian backgrounds? Have they become atheists? The difficulty will be in working this information in without resorting to pure exposition (or perhaps using exposition as part of the hysterical working).

Enjoy reading Rebecca's response to these latest hurdles.