Meet VLNV shortlistee: Luke Horton

What do you do in your day job/life?

I edit The Lifted Brow Review of Books and I teach writing and publishing at Melbourne Polytechnic.


What’s the earliest thing you remember writing?

One of our family friends was a writer of young adult fiction. When I was ten or eleven I was inspired by her to write a novel and wrote two chapters, on my mother’s typewriter, and sent them to her for notes. It was about a detective who drove a Subaru.


When do you like to write?

It tends to be in my mind late at night and then on my computer as soon as I get up. It’s an imperfect system.


What’s the most important thing the internet has taught you?

I’m not sure, but I find it helpful to think about the dearth of generosity on the internet as less about people, or the historical moment or whatever, and more about the medium itself. It may be an obvious point but it is worth keeping in mind.


What’s next?

A novel I’ve decided just now to call Generosity