Meet VLNV shortlistee: Mirandi Riwoe

What do you do in your day job/life?

I have a contract with Legend Press (UK) to write a second novel that is set in 19th century London featuring Eurasian characters. I also tutor/lecture in literary studies and creative writing at QUT.

What’s the earliest thing you remember writing?

My father has kept a book I made when I was around 9 years old. It’s called ‘The Invisible Pianist’. At the time, I was an avid Nancy Drew reader and was learning how to play the piano.

When do you like to write?

My routine begins in the morning after my children go to school. I have an office at home in which I also did my postgraduate work. I write for several hours, then maybe do a little research/reading. I try to write something each day, including the weekends.

What’s the most important thing the internet has taught you?

I have learnt that, usually, the internet is a great place for quick research that can lead to a deeper investigation or even a new path of enquiry. Also, as a writer, I love that I can learn how someone might have picked a lock in the 19th century or how a skater might perform a kickflip.

What’s next?

My next novel, which is in the planning stages, tells the story of Australian women and Chinese migrant gold diggers during the Australian gold rush period. It will be set in either the Melbourne area or in Queensland, and I am looking forward to the further research this entails.