Some Things That Happened

By Oliver Mol


But I knew the world was full of good things too a week later my neighbours had puppies me and Daniel played with the puppies there were seven puppies they kissed our hands and feet and mouths that evening I begged dad for Jojo she was the runt of the litter a week later he said, "Yes" then I screamed, "Yes" too me and Daniel put Jojo on a skateboard we showed her slip & slides we dressed her up in capes told her what a trampoline was five years later Daniel fell off his BMX taking a turn too hard and suffered brain damage and a year after that our neighbour died of cancer but before that everyone was happy everyone was healthy and alive and on that first night me and Jojo slept together beneath a blanket with our hearts pressed together while the grass frosted outside and we dreamed the dreams of children we dreamed the world wasn’t sad and people didn’t hurt we dreamed that everyone belonged.


Lucy and I moved to Melbourne we moved into a squat with some friends it was an old abattoir and there were newspapers on the floor from 1970 I remember they were yellow slowly all our friends moved out and this new guy moved in he was maybe 35 he had a rat tail didn't believe in showers or “work” one time I came home and he said, "I need $2.75 for a new gas canister" another time I came home this girl was giving him a hand job on the couch they were both wearing bathrobes the following week we had a party I did a reading and then some bands played and later a bunch of kids got on the roof one of the kids was the bassist from the band and she fell through the roof and died.


One time me and mum were walking through Mount Coot-tha I told her the story about the drug dealer who buried 1000 “white heart” pills somewhere on Mount Coot-tha I told her the guy had a mate in the police force who’d tipped him off so he dumped the pills in a black garbage bag brought a shovel and set off towards the mountain he dug himself a hole then popped the pills inside except the next day he couldn’t find them and even now people still go digging with shovels and spades because maybe if they found them they could feel the feelings they'd felt in the past and not feel lonely anymore.