Flashers Artist Profile - Ling McGregor

1.     Hi Ling, when you’re not drawing for Flashers, what do you like to create?


I usually work quite traditionally with coloured pencil on portraits and landscapes. Drawing for Flashers has actually been a good opportunity to move away from realism and try out something more relaxed and experimental.

2.     Could you tell us about how you became an artist?

I’ve always been surrounded by art. Most of my family is extremely creative – using oil paints, ceramics, woodwork, stained glass – and always seem to be making things. I started drawing a few years ago and originally posted my artworks online so that my grandfather could see and print them. Eventually, other people started becoming interested in the portraits that I was drawing, so I decided to turn it more into a business.

3.     Are you working on any projects at the moment?

I’m very slowly making my way through large drawings of photographs that I took while in Cambodia earlier this year. This is part of the first piece:

4.     Who are some artists we should really know about?

Dan-Ah Kim, Agnes Cecile, Yigal Ozeri, and Monica Rohan. I would also recommend checking out art by writers like Sylvia Plath, Zelda Fitzgerald, and e.e cummings.

5.     How do you use the Flashers for inspiration?

I adore flash fiction, so I’m always really keen to read the pieces. Often I get stuck on a line or image – for example, after reading Mira Schlosberg’s Purim, I was hungry for days thinking about gluten free hamantashen and its sweet jam, and ended up just drawing a pile of them. It was a very understated illustration but one of my favourites for Seizure so far.

6. Are there particular symbols or images or ideas that you always find yourself coming back to in your work? 

The majority of my work is portraiture, so I get to discover a lot about people and their loved ones when pieces are commissioned. I definitely have a focus on women, and have been trying to incorporate more of my heritage into my art.

Ling McGregor's Workspace

Ling McGregor's Workspace

 7. What do you get up to when you’re not at the desk drawing?

On days off I am always outside eating oats in active wear. Otherwise, I go to uni, work as a paralegal, and try to write and edit as much as possible.

You can find more of Ling McGregor's artwork here: 

Website: lingmcgregor.com

Instagram: @lingmcgregor

Facebook: Art by Ling McGregor: www.facebook.com/lingmcgregorart/

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