Airs or Wind

Heavens Cal! That was SERVICE. I feel as if I had just held out my hand to Madame Weems, one of my old piano teachers—coffee with cream, German

time—you’re looking straight through dark centuries into bright sunlight—


We’re just arriving from Petrópolis, gulping down cafezinhos, and Lota’s

right. I don’t know what the real differences are, I suppose only the critics

ground flour and made their own furniture, all in the utmost luxury. But to


the range, the infinite fascinating detail, the richness, and everything else. I

thought, and LIFE re-wrote, and as Lota says, massacrated it. I even thought

like a bad dream, of course—but I feel like writing you a note. Lota came


like Parti Pris des Choses—I recommend it to you—but these are all feeble


a hazy idea you’ve sent everything I ever thought of! But DON’T send any


impulsive machine.


Some more records have arrived. I met Mr. T1 on the street yesterday—

what’s it supposed to suggest?

I wonder what animal he is when he’s alone? What DOES California do to


have been based on that weird little book you gave me …2

worse than poetry, by far.

Life, no in this case I shd. say Time, certainly has surprises in store for us


soon. I really have to make plans for the future (what there is of it). I don’t

completely. I am sure he is saying something important—perhaps sometimes

about marijuana & mescaline, etc. at a luncheon … That didn’t go over too


I am burbling like my poor dear Aunt Maud.

Something I want to ask you about—I am always appealing to you, I know.—Abraços e saudades,




This cento is sourced from letters written by Elizabeth Bishop to Robert Lowell, as published in Words in Air: The Complete Correspondence between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell