Blind Date Interview #1

Here's the game: the interviewer doesn't know who is coming to dinner so there are no prepared questions and no rote answers. It's reality-TV interviewing like never before. Kind of like having a couple of new friends over for dinner.

It comes in three sizes, firstly the Teaser:

In our first episode, Alice Grundy opens the door on Maria Lewis, one of Australia's funnest, funniest and impressive media talents. Author, journalist, documentarian and all round great human. She also has purple hair.

 Short Cut (approx 12 minutes)

Alice and Maria meet, get to know each other, talk about the world of books, writing, growing up in the Gold Coast, pop culture, natural hair colour and make-up. Watch the long version to get the full back story of one of Australia's rising talents, how she got started, how she got her breaks and what she is writing about and the funny side of death threats in the internet age. Likes and dislikes including BuffyXenaGemma the HologramVeronica MarsTwilight and more.

Then, if you like a long hangout we have the practically-unedited Long Cut. Here is where you can really get to know about Maria Lewis and her publishing journey.

The Long Cut (approx 1 hour)


Maria Lewis:

Alice Grundy:


Alice Grundy:

Maria Lewis:



Maria Lewis:

Music by Angie:

Produced by David Henley:

Camerawork by Matthew Venables: