Flashers Artist Profile - Jia Sung

What do you create when you’re not making mean art for Flashers?

Sketches from everyday life, portrait commissions and some editorial illustration work, and finally my personal paintings, currently involving pearl divers and monkeys.

©   Jia Sung

What are your earliest memories of scribbling?

On the walls of my bedroom! I liked the feeling of scrawling Crayola everywhere, but I hear it was a pain to clean off.

How do you draw inspiration for each Flasher image?

I pick through each piece to find a phrase or a moment that I find arresting, and try to evoke that feeling in the final image.

©   Jia Sung

Which artist or artistic movement should we be checking out right now?

Networks like justseeds and CultureStrike as well as artists like Jess X. Chen and Micah Bazant, who are working to speak truth to power and bring visibility to the marginalized.

Which Flasher+illustration combo was your favourite?

It’s a tie between Summer in Sydney and Roast Grandmother for me!

©   Jia Sung