Meet VLNV shortlistee: Amy Nicholls-Diver

What do you do in your day job/life?

I’m an editor at an educational publishing house; I work on books for primary-aged students.


What’s the earliest thing you remember writing?

When I was about 6 or 7, I wrote a book about a cat called Tiger. The only thing I remember about it is being really mad when my little sister ‘helpfully’ coloured in my illustrations.


When do you like to write?

I write best first thing in the morning. I wrote Falling Asleep as part of NaNoWriMo, so I got up at 6 every morning for a month and wrote as much as I could. If I missed a morning, I’d stay back at work to do that day’s section.


What’s the most important thing the internet has taught you?

The most important thing the internet has taught me is whatever you are passionate about, there are people around the world who care about that too, and who want to support you. There’s so much negativity online, but there are also so many pockets of people creating beautiful things, and cheering on or helping people they’ve not met in real life. 


What’s next?

My goal for the year is to submit a piece of writing to a competition or publication every month, so I need to start working on a plan for that. Last year, I did a writing challenge where I wrote a micro-story every day for a month, and I’d like to revisit those and see if there’s anything I can develop from that.