Coming Soon: Seizure Editions

In 2014 Seizure moved primary operations from print to online, expanding our project to foster and publish the best writing.

Along the way we were interrogating what ‘online writing’ means, and so here in 2015 we’re very pleased to start a new venture: Seizure Editions – fresh quarterly content from our commissioning editor, Emily Stewart.


With each Edition, our favourite Australian writers will consider some of the major anxieties of our time – this is #longform and #shortform, squared.

We’re coding and tagging Editon 1 right now and holy smokes it’s looking good.

Edition 1 a speculative, spooky romp loosely themed around technology and artificial intelligence, featuring essays, fiction, poetry, illustration and reportage from Amy Ireland, Tara Cartland, Matt Huynh, Julie Koh, Oscar Schwartz, Edward Sharp-Paul, Bridget Lutherborrow, Robbie Arnott and Jack Vening.

We click PUBLISH on Edition 1 in two weeks’ time and want you right there with us. We’re keeping this one free so you can get a taste of things to come. Our activities and authors are supported in part through funding from the Australia Council and the Copyright Agency, but we still need our subscribers, because without you, we simply can’t keep doing what we do.

Subscribe now. We have some great new work coming out soon, with a new professional development series for editors and more great advice from Agony Aunt.

Stay Tuned,

Team Seizure