Cosmo Quiz

Are you a drover’s wife, or a woman in a lampshade? Do you belong in Sarspirilla or “"On Our Selection?” Take the Cosmo quiz to find out!


1. You are in the kitchen when one of your children warns of an approaching snake.

A. You run outside. No snake is going to harm my kids!

B. You call the children inside and you phone the police. Better let the professionals handle it.

C. You scream and faint. You are such a girl!

2. If you had a dog, what would you call it?

A. Peaches.

B. Max.

C. Alligator.

3. What’s your favourite reading after the kids go to bed?

A. A saucy novel.

B. The Young Ladies Journal.

C. Cosmo, of course!

4. What would you do if you hadn’t heard from your husband for six months?

A. Soldier on. He’ll be back soon. No use fretting.

B. That’s a dealbreaker. Leave the bastard!

C.  See what he gifts he brings back for you, then decide.

5. You are feeling naughty, and want to invite your hunky brother in law round for some quality family time. What excuse should you use?

A. You need a big, strong man like him to kill a sheep.

B. There is a leaky tap in the kitchen.

C. You don’t need an excuse- just call him and tell him your husband is out of town.

6. Quick-how would you describe your husband?

A. My Ball and chain.

B. My lover and my best friend.

C. Careless, but good enough.

7. What’s the best thing about your husband?

A. His seriously sexy abs of steel.

B. The considerate way he treats me.

C. He once bought me a buggy.

8. What are you most afraid of?

A. Being alone. There is only so much fun you can have with an electric toothbrush!

B. Blackmen- it may not be PC, but you just can’t trust ‘em!

C. Spiders- nasty crawling things!

9. How do normally spend Sunday afternoons?

A. A picnic in the park, followed by some clandestine al fresco lovemaking.

B. A lonely walk along a bush-track, pushing an old perambulator in front of you.

C. A cafe, a bookshop, and a museum. Heaven!

10. What should you do with a dead black snake?

A. Eat it- in Asia it’s a delicacy.

B. Use it- a snakeskin belt would accessorise perfectly with the leopardskin pants you bought last year.

C. Burn it- that’s the only way to deal with a snake.


Mostly A’s: You are a time traveller’s wife!

Mostly B’s: You are a Stepford wife!

Mostly C’s: You are a drover’s wife!

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