Last Thursday the world ended. The kids and I were at Maccas.


‘Would you like fries with that?’

I said yes, but the power for the deep fryer had cut out and the oil had started to set. There was a chip in it, that had obviously been cooked a few times, and it was stuck in one of the icebergs of fat that had formed at the top. I asked for a Coke, but there was no power for the drink dispenser either. I could hear the girl at the drive-through counter talking into her microphone.

‘Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?’ but the people in the cars kept just giving up and driving straight through.

We went across the road to the twenty-four hour Coles where people were just taking stuff because there wasn’t anyone working there any more and all of the self-service checkouts had stopped working.

I took the kids to the fridges and we filled a trolley with fancy cheeses that we couldn’t normally afford, and a tub of those little stuffed peppers. Frankie wanted a chocolate milk, but there were none left. It must have been the first thing to go. The cheese was still cold even though it was warm outside.

We sat in the park and ate with our fingers. The moon looked so bright. Everything was so dark. You could even see the stars.