Flashers Artist Profile – Emma Sprouster

What do you create when you’re not making mean art for Flashers? I'm a designer full time for Edelman, a global PR Agency that has a digital creative team here in Sydney.

No Eyes

What are your earliest memories of scribbling?

I've seen drawings I did as a toddler that my parents have kept but I suppose my first actual memory of creating (not drawing specifically) would be from when I was in preschool and we did finger painting and other fun activities such as filling jars with coloured sand. I still have mine.

How do you draw inspiration for each Flasher image?

Because I don't consider myself an illustrator I took this opportunity to explore the realm of CC0 content shared on the internet by individuals much more talented than me. Creative Commons 0 means you can take, change and reshare imagery created by others for any purpose – so a lot of my photographic imagery for Flashers came from this, with my own photo manipulated spin on them. I'm also fond of vector based illustration and I tried my hand at this too!

The Rivertree Song

Which artist or artistic movement should we be checking out right now?

I'm going out on a limb here and suggesting everyone take some time out and watch some motion graphics pieces. I wouldn't consider this an art movement per say but in recent years the field of motion has just exploded as more people get involved and the programs get better and better. I spend my days (when I'm not at work) digging through sites such as Behance, paying particular attention to the stuff I could never do myself.

Which Flasher+illustration  combo was your favourite?

Sway. A really beautifully written piece that I had a visual in my head for from the start. Creating around inspiration like this is always super easy and the most fun.


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