Flashers Illustrator Profile - Max Prentis

What do you create when you’re not making mean art for Flashers?

Usually scratching up characters from stories I’ve made up in my head, I’m considering on going back to my sculpture roots and making these characters in 3D.

What are your earliest memories of scribbling?

My earliest memory would have to be probably when I was around five or six. I used to draw up these elaborate underground military bases, and I looked at one recently which had a underground lake just with enough room to hold a aircraft carrier and piranhas.

How do you draw inspiration for each Flasher image?

If I get inspirationally clogged I tend to rapidly flick through images until something catches my eye and gets me going.

Which artist or artistic movement should we be checking out right now?

I don’t really have an answer since I’m so far out of the loop, but I’ll give you some truths from George Lois: 'That’s what trends are – a search for something safe – and why a reliance on them leads to oblivion'.


Which Flasher+illustration combo was your favourite?

I really liked Arrival, actually, as I always enjoy a physical representation of an emotion or feeling. It’s a good artistic challenge, which I felt I conquered pretty well in this piece.

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