Flashers Illustrator Profile - Yiscah Symonds

What do you create when you’re not making mean art for Flashers? I love creating different characters and expressing things that aren’t always easy to say in words. As well as watercolour and paper cut (which I have used for my flashers illustration) I like playing round with polymer clay and creating different 3D characters and environments for them to live in.

Unwelcome Warmth

What are your earliest memories of scribbling?

I always remember having a drawing book where I would draw weird little characters. I also remember drawing on walls at home and myself in school.

How do you draw inspiration for each Flasher image?

I first read the story a few times. Try to get a sense of what is happing and what the overall feeling is. Once I have worked out the ‘feeling’ I highlight words or sentences that I think describe this feeling, I often brainstorm related words to help myself really feel and understand it. Then I start sketching up these feelings in quick drawing until I have something I feel captures the particular essence of the story.

Two Silver Teapots

Which artist or artistic movement should we be checking out right now?

I recently stumbled upon the work of Mark Conlan on instagram and I think his stuff is really awesome so he is definitely one to check out!

Which Flasher+illustration combo was your favourite?

Picking ONE! That’s always a tough thing to do! I might go for THREE (it’s a nice looking number too). I really enjoyed ‘Unwelcome Warmth’, it had such an eerie vibe to it and I am often not that great at doing dark, scary illustrations. So it was a challenge for me and I was really happy with how it turned out.

‘Two Silver Teapots’ was good fun to do! It’s always fun getting to draw inanimate objects with personalities. I guess a part of me related to it as I am always giving inanimate objects names and creating personalities for them (something I never grew out of).

And lucky number three I think Ill have to pick ‘Morus Dancing’. It had such a beautiful feel to the story and I really enjoyed trying to create that in an illustration.

Morus Dancing

Do check out each Flasher that Yiscah worked on!