from In Fancy

dear bo                              dy dear
heart: now’s not the             hour to go dull
or darken, for as we step on it       & in to a new continent
a princess sallies forth    through billboards   what salty gait
such eyeful  wow  in t-rex garb   my pilgrimage  erects  among
young  mothers   imagined sisters   their gardens   thawing out  o
smoke-green Kate Moss  your jewellery’s  stunning the sea foam
into  giant  shapes   the terror!   as rainbows spin  & cross-dress
the local flora   i turn deaf    as a cucumber     nude as the sea
on buckled knee  at the edge  of   an orange-lipped  forest
dream-flowers  tinkle & explode   like computer tech
heads in Apple factories   an ocean-liner’s waves
split me up   into   flinders of   self  w/out
family   fable   or a short local name
my yellow mane & dark eyes
will recede my many
its  they  i

the above portion of ‘In Fancy’ is an inversion of Part I of Arthur Rimbaud’s Enfance