Peeling Back

‘But, I was there when you made the decision to start buying brown onions again.’ ‘I know.’


‘Remember we were saying they smell nicer than red?’

‘I remember, but –’

‘And they taste better raw.’

‘I don't even eat onions raw. Please.’

‘They’re easier to peel.’

‘That's true.’

‘So why are you doing this?’

‘I need to make decisions.’

‘You can make –’


‘Oh. I’ll stop.’

‘It's not entirely your fault.’

‘So what should ­–’

‘I care too much about what you think.’

‘I care about what you think. That's perfectly normal when you're in a relationship.’

‘I know but we’re becoming this one thing. Who am I? It’s like … I feel like I’d be able to grow, or something, I –’

‘We don't have to do this right now.’

‘I need to.’

‘Okay, but how much better are brown onions in Mexican food?’

‘That is not the point.’

‘That's the whole point. We're having burritos.’

‘Red onions look nicer.’

‘They don't cook nicer.’

‘They cook fine.’

‘But brown onions caramelise so perfectly. Think about sausage sizzle sandwiches.’

‘I love sausage sizzle sandwiches.’

‘And those omelettes I made on Saturday. You said –’

‘– the onion tasted delicious!’


‘I know, and I guess I agree.’

‘Good, you know and you –’

‘But I'd already made the decision. Now I'm just –’

‘You're allowed to change your mind.’

‘I'm always compromising.’

‘Oh yeah?’

‘Yeah. You're so dominating, I just don't think you realise it.’

‘I'm dominating? About vegetables?’

‘You make me edgy. About everything. And yeah, vegetables too. ‘

‘You're joking, right? Why do you take things so –’

‘It might seem trivial, but it's important to me.’

‘Onions are important to you?’

‘Onion decisions are important to me.’

‘Okay let's get the red onion then.’

‘Thank you.’

‘So even though –’


‘No, let me finish. Even though you acknowledge that brown is better than red in every way,’

‘Not every way.’

‘… you still want to get the red?’

‘Uh huh.’

‘I don't understand what you're doing.’

‘That's okay.’

‘Can you ex –’

‘Fuck. Don't worry, just get the brown.’

‘Can you explain this to me?’

‘Okay. Listen: I decided red before we spoke and then – now – we’re speaking and ­­– now – we’re getting brown.’


‘It doesn’t feel good.’

‘It will.’

‘Sometimes I wish …’


‘Doesn't matter.’

‘Anyway, it's my dinner too. Get that netted kilo bag, ends up being cheaper.’


‘What were you going to say? Sometimes you wish what?’

‘Sometimes I wish you’d die so I wouldn’t have to leave you.’