Round-Up: Blogs'n'beyond

BLOGS. We’ve all used and abused them. But there are people out there who are taking darn good care of their online domains, and I thought we’d do a little door-knock this week. Angela Meyer proves her blogging queendom time and time again at blogging workshops and talks around the country. Angela recently celebrated Literary Minded’s 6th birthday (puts your tumblr to shame doesn’t it?), and is still going strong.

Nick Marland empties his handbag onto the table in his blog Abortive Thoughts. Contents include miscellanies, screeds, surreal picyaned and literary marginalia. Something for everyone, really.

 Adventures in TV-Land is Alexandra Neil’s online brainspace. Get to know the author in 30 questions or alternatively, read her Tooth-Soup award-winning piece here. Samantha van Zweden is Little Girl with a Big Pen, and indeed, the girl can POST. Book and magazine reviews, lit news, event posts, thoughts and writing, there’s plenty to be interested in. Vijay Khurana blogs little fictions, postcards to strangers (these are great) and photographs on his site, Above the Mantle.

‘And Then I Saw Her Face and now I’m a Beaver’: with those immortal words all-round funny-man Patrick Lenton welcomes us to The Spontaneity Review. Mr Lenton also recently launched his anthology of comedic writing, The Sturgeon General, which you can check out here (or buy for just $1.99, cheap as free!).



SEIZURE CRIME LAUNCH IS THIS SATURDAY AT YOUNG HENRY’S. Seriously, come one, come all. Pre-buy your ticket here to avoid rocking up to a packed-out afternoon and feeling like a doofus.

The 2013 Poetry Festival is coming up on Saturday the 29th, and you’re going to want to pencil it in after you see the killer line-up. Full program here.



Voiceworks deadline approaching – theme is ‘nourish’. Submit your wholesome writing here.

Seizure ‘Sport’ submissions are also closing at the end of the month, and our Flashers inbox is open 24/7. All submissions accepted via our submittable page.

Tabula Rasa, a new project edited by Zoe Bishop and Kate Dorrell, is due to launch in July. But they are accepting submissions nowish/ soonish. For less vague information, go to their Facebook page.


Anyway that’s all for now. All this and more is mostly brought to you through the communicative power of twitter, so if you’ve got an event/ blog post/ something else that you think might appeal to our readers, talk to me @slatterbrain.

Until next week, have a scroll, have a click, and have a very merry weekend.