Round-Up: the festival come-down

I was having such a ball at the Emerging Writers’ Fest, that my Friday Round-Up deadline came and went, after which I proceeded to enjoy my Saturday and Sunday eating at about 1 billion different organic, poached-egg-loving cafes in Melbourne, and now here I am, Tuesday evening, back from work, and I can officially declare the festival come-down launched. Firstly, a big congrats to Sam T-M and the team for a brilliant EWF. A special shout out goes to Seizure's Fiona Dunne, for her hard work and organisational finesse.

A few event highlights for us: Seizure was the final member of the Fantastic Four (TLB, KYD and Ampersand) to host their Late Night Live series at the EWF. In the spotlight were our some of our fave Flashers authors, with readings from Meg Watson, Emily Stewart, Oliver Mol, Doug Whyte, Adam Rivett and Claire Varley. Our open mic session also showcased some new, talented storytellers, including Nick Margan, Cecilia Condon, Marley Berry-Pearce, Adeline Teoh and more.

The BIG moment of the night was the announcement of the winner of our inaugural Viva La Novella competition. We are very proud to officially present the talented Jane Jervis-Read and her winning novella Midnight Blue and Endlessly Tall (read more about it here). To celebrate, Jane’s book will be launched in Melbourne at Brunswick Bound Bookstore on Tuesday the 18th.

Other festival high-points included Sweatshop Stories during the action-packed Town Hall Conference, where we saw stunning performances by Luke Carman, Fiona Wright, Andy Ko and many more. And don't worry if you missed out, their performances will be up on the ABC TV's 'Big Ideas' later this year. Other highlights of the Town Hall Conference were What We Talk About When We Talk About Voice (for Luke Carman alone), Cutting It Short and Aboriginal Audiences.

I also went along to celebrate the launch of the Emerging Writers’ Book and the announcement of the Monash Prize. I was absolutely blown away by receiving the award and all the positive feedback. Congrats to all the other shortlisted authors – you can read the stories in the Penguin Special ebook here. Was great to see the writing and performances coming from the Deaf Arts Network at the launch too.

Oliver Mol also hosted a raging new reading night/ house party with his second ever Splinters night, and I gave away all my gold coins to zines at the Page Parlour.

So what now? Well, we propose a big family reunion at our Seizure Crime Launch which is coming up super soon now. If you haven’t got a ticket yet, stop denying yourself a good time and buy one here.

This round of festivals may be over for another year, but now the creating begins! I hope you all managed to get to an event or twenty, were inspired by different talks and readings and authors and are now ready to start work on something that excites you. Buy all the stuff you liked and read all the stuff you bought, give back a little, and we will all be okay. Thanks to all our new friends and followers and (hopefully) future contributors. If you want to be part of our big, creative, outrageous, interstate Seizure fam, then keep creating and keep in touch.

Love the Seizure cowgirl