sad witch psalms ;(

morning hymn

hate like intricate fractures

in      shatterproof      glass

sprinkle     broken   bottles

thru   the   filthy     kitchen

fish  shards  from  the  sink

dumb sun     gelid porridge

i hate poems i  want  hooks

for grappling        O prism

pls make colour into Light


austerity spell

beware   the false prophets

tedious   candles   hold   a

strain  of  malice  the   bra

strap    plus  choker    in  a

couple  of   drinks    might

just look     like     bondage

to  him            and     debt

bondage   is   totally   sexy

totally wild     total decline

best to buy your own beer


museum incantation

let autumn   crust the skin

on   egg yolky afternoons

note how light leaks    like

pus      through   windows

onto nudes       burst   the

culture blister     only   let

him touch    u if u do him

the shit   busker   believes

you want him       imagine

bob     dylan      is     dead