I Thought This Was Something Else — (Part III)

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The door opens and I slam the notebook shut. I put another book on top of it to make it seem untouched or like I'd moved it while I was tidying, but that doesn't make any sense so I took it off again as he walked in.

“You’re out of coffee so I just went and … oh. Have you been reading?”

I flush red.

“I am so, so–”

He waves his hand.

“Oh no, it’s okay. You can read it.”

“I found the part about me.”

He smiles.

“Did you like it?”

“Did I like it?”

“Yeah, the writing. Did you like it?”


“I mean it’s rough, obviously."

I look at him and realise he isn’t embarrassed at all.

“Actually?” My voice is much higher than I meant it to be. I clear my throat and start again.

“Actually, I didn’t like it. At all.”


“Because you make me look fucking ... fucking ...”

“Crazy? I thought –”

“– No.” I try to think of what I’m trying to say.

“I didn’t ask you to like, chase after me.”

He shrugs and says, “I just think it’s a fun and cute kind of story.”

I start to tremble and then shake and he still doesn’t speak.

“Is this what you do? All your stories are just – you just use people’s personal – you steal their personal – shit?”

“Well, it’s not meant for public consumption –”

I open my mouth to respond.

“– but, I’m sorry if you feel insecure.”

“I don’t feel insecure. I feel like ... like this is weird. That this is a really fucking weird thing to do.”

The word weird hits him and he winces.

“I think I should probably go.”

I open my mouth to apologise. I want to fix this in case it was something and so that I wasn’t the one who messed up this time.

He gestures at the coffee, “These were $4 each.”

I nod. He waits.

“Can I have my jumper back?”

I take it off and he is staring at me for at least a decade, and I want to say sorry but only if he says it first.

“This was disappointing.”

The door shuts behind him.

I get the sheets out and make my bed and try to stop feeling sorry.

Produced by Seizure AltTxt with the help of the Australian Copyright Agency.

Created by: Em Meller | Edited by: Justin Wolfers | Directed by: Justin Wolfers and Jack McAvoy
Starring: Freyja Benjamin, Anton du Chateau | Cinematography: Jack McAvoy | Development: Elle Williams | Music by: Guerre