That was Mars the other night I'm sure of it

bright as a bicycle tail light at 4am beside Venus's beacon like someone with a head-

torch on a ladder at the top of a tree just

over there on the oval at the bottom of

the hill and Regulus right there I'm sure of it

its thousand-year-old light a diamond crumb

on velvet just above the smiling crescent

moon all cheese-rind and sideways just

below Venus's head-torch cranking it

over to the left and up a bit from Jupiter's

faint and receding pinprick her five or ten

or fifteen invisible moons in tow next to

Comet Panstarrs all hairy and just-passing-

through skirting the cheese-rind-sideways

smiling moon on its way out of the solar

system its light a vapour trail aimed in all

directions part of a temporary once-in-a-

whenever I'm sure of it constellation I saw

when I looked up on bin night last week.