Viva IV Winner: George Haddad

Meet George whose novella, Populate and Perish, is one of the 2016 Viva la Novella winners.

For the record, can you state your name, place of birth and current city?

George Haddad, Sydney born and currently in Sydney.

What are your favourite novellas?

Kafka's The Metamorphosis and Helen Garner's The Children's Bach

What attracted you to write in the novella form?

The brevity in the structure of a novella warrants a spare-style of writing that is easily reflected in the plot and the characters sentiments. There seems to be a stronger relationship between form and story in a novella which is something i write to accidentally. I also think the novella is the new arthouse film.

How would you describe your book? 

A young man afflicted by a national zeitgeist disguises his 21st century angst in a search for his estranged father.

This opportunity has been made possible by the support of IPEd and the NSW Society of Editors.