Viva la Editors

Meet the editors for the 2014-15 Viva la Novella


Dear all, as you may be aware we have been quietly collecting applications for the editorial side of Viva la Novella. These are the people who will be the judges and editors of the winning novellas.

Marisa Wikramanayake

Zoya Patel

Nicola Redhouse

Each of these editors brings something different to the competition and we will put up a profile about each of them in the coming weeks.

Now everyone: get writing. Last year we got some amazing entries and we want more of the same. This is the one competition that isn't bound by commercial concerns. We want smart, challenging, inventive, obscure and wonderful stories. We are looking for 3 winners who will each get their manuscript edited, worked over, published and receive $1000. Enter here.

Good luck and ‘viva la novella!’