Adrian Stanley

I was born in Naracoorte in South Australia. On my mother’s side we are the Boandik people from Robe which is in the South East of South Australia and on my father’s side we are the Kalali people from what is referred to as the channel country in North West Queensland.

I am married and have five daughters, three dogs, two green tree frogs, one Bearded Dragon, one Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and one pet chook.

I currently live in South Australia.  I work as the Coordinator of the Working on Country program which sees me looking after three Aboriginal Park Rangers that live and work on their country.  The Rangers country includes the Gawler Ranges National Park which is where they are based.

I have a degree in Applied science (Conservation and Park Management), I have an Honours Degree in Natural Resource Management and my thesis, titled ‘Burning Tears’, questioned whether Aboriginal burning practices could be used as a management tool for the Australian Environment.  I also have a trade qualification.

I am avid wood carver, wood turner and collect wood, hand saws and vintage hand tools. I am doing up two 1970 Dodge Ute’s and two 1976 XT and TT Thumpers, (motor cycles). I also enjoy gardening and trying to be as self-sufficient as we can.