Tom Langshaw

Tom Langshaw works as an editorial and publishing assistant at Penguin Random House, where he coordinates, administers and liaises. He also reads, compulsively: books and manuscripts, gossip magazines at supermarket check-outs, Cher’s tweets, Fantales wrappers. He has interned at Sydney Writers’ Festival and assisted with the National Young Writers’ Festival. Tom lives in Sydney’s Inner West and you can find him on twitter, @tomlangshaw.

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Em Meller

Non-Fiction Flashers Editor

Em Meller is a writer and journalist, with words in The Lifted BrowJunkeeThe Collective and others. An ex once said one of her personal essays "By the way, wasn't even that good anyway", which she hopes will make it onto the back cover of her first collection.

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Genevieve Buzo

Genevieve Buzo has been a keen reader since 1995 and got her start in publishing in New York City, interning at Writers House and working at Lippincott Massie McQuilkin Literary Agency. She is currently a junior editor at Allen & Unwin and sometimes retweets Harold Pinter quotes right here: Twitter


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