The Obstructions are projects tailored to explore a piece of work with a specific writer. We look over a young writer's back catalogue of work, see in what ways they're set and how they might develop and hone their craft and then set creative challenges designed to help them experiment and play.

This idea was inspired by the film The Five Obstructions (IMDB). It features two players: a protagonist, Jørgen Leth, elder statesman of Danish arts and director of the 1967 short The Perfect Human, and an antagonist, the younger Danish director Lars von Trier. Over the course of the film, Lars asks Jørgen to remake The Perfect Human five times in reaction to a series of challenges or 'obstructions'. The result is a revealing and surprising analysis of the creative process. Not to mention the perverse sado-masochistic relationship between the creator and the obstructor is fun to watch.

And so Seizure laid a similar gauntlet down at the feet of Sam Twyford-Moore back in 2011 and we now bring you our latest subject, Rebecca Slater. Read the inciting story here.