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Stories of Perth

15 Writers, 15 Stories

Thanks to the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund, we are now proceeding with our second Stories of... collection. Starting with Stories of Sydney, with its focus on the Western Suburbs, these anthologies help unearth new talent from parts of Australia sometimes neglected by literary cliques. 

We are now open for pitches from Perth-based writers.

We don't want sanitised, homogenised or institutionalised pieces. We don't need you to say you love the place and we'd rather you didn't trot out hackneyed descriptions of the beach or the sun. What we want are original perspectives, interesting voices and fresh ideas.  

For this project we are now taking expressions of interest via Submittable and selected writers will then be commissioned to work with our editor-in-chief, Alice Grundy, who will work with each writer to develop their piece for publication. 

Successful writers will receive a flat fee of $300 upon publication, lifelong membership to SeizureOnline and two copies of the printed book. 

To apply, please send a 50–200 word description of your planned piece and a brief bio (NB You do not need previous publications to apply, we're just interested in your background).

The pitch deadline is Friday 6 October 2017. 

If you have burning questions, email

Stories of Sydney

15 Writers, 15 Stories

Stories of Sydney is the first collection by Seizure that focuses on place. It is a collaboration with writers from all around Sydney to produce stories set in this diverse and sprawling city.

In partnership with Sweatshop and the University of Western Sydney Writing & Society Research Centre, we have focused on the culturally and linguistically varied range of writers living in Sydney – particularly in the amorphous area called ‘Western Sydney’. The collection also features new representations of inner Sydney.

The tales in Stories of Sydney are available in the members' area of Seizure Online and Stories of Sydney has been released as a printed book, available for purchase here.

Ceydny by Sanaz Fotouhi
The Primary Years by George Toseski
Swings and Roundabouts by Sunil Badami
Bankstown Hospital Vitriol by Samantha Hogg
The Duke of Beaufort by Nick Marland
The Curtain Between by Maryam Azam
Chrysoula by Susie Ahmad
Burying Pablo by Stephen Pham
Fellow Travellers by Sophia Barnes
More Handsome than a Monkey by Peter Polites
Let Me Look at Your Face by Tamar Chnorhokian
The 25th Paragon of Filial Piety by Amanda Yeo
Aqua by PM Newton
Five Arrivals by Luke Carman
Two Wheels by Benny Davis

Now seeking writers for our new collection. 

Stories of Sydney

Stories of Sydney celebrates the diversity that exists in this city. A place that is simultaneously welcoming and prejudiced, kind and cruel, aspirational and even eccentric in its mundanity. These stories range from family drama to modern noir, from cultural clashes to the burden of memory.
These are stories from lives you don’t often get to see, from authors as varied as the city itself.

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